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How They Work

ProLaser III
ProLaser III

The ProLaser III is a LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) device which can be used to conduct speed enforcement in areas which are unsuitable for traditional camera enforcement.

The Casualty Reduction Scheme conducts enforcement by ProLaser III, complementing the use of cameras and the work of the roads policing units within West Midlands Police. ProLaser III devices are operated by police officers and can be used from inside a police car or by standing at the side of the road.

  • As a vehicle approaches, an experienced police officer observes. If the vehicle is perceived to be breaking the speed limit, the ProLaser III is activated.
  • A laser measures the speed of the vehicle and displays it to the officer.
  • The officer can either stop the vehicle at the side of the road or record the registration to send out a Notice of Intended prosecution later.

Using the ProLaser III gives us more flexibility in both the location and types of offences we can enforce. Officers have the opportunity to stop motorists directly and to educate them regarding not only speed, but other offences including use of mobile phones and seatbelts.

More information

These diagrams and explanations are designed to give a fair interpretation and overview of how different cameras work. They are not an exact technical representation of cameras and camera sites.

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