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Speed Awareness workshops start in West Midlands
11 Aug 2010

West Midlands Police have launched Speed Awareness workshops to re-educate motorists and cut the regions road crash toll.

Each year excessive and inappropriate speed kills around 1,200 people and injures around 100,000. This is the largest contributor to casualties on the road. The overall aim of the initiative is to explore and challenge the reasons why people speed and to help drivers develop a personal speed awareness strategy to prevent future lapses leading to misuse of speed.

Driver training specialists, the TTC Group were successful in securing the West Midlands contract to run the workshops for drivers caught speeding just a few miles over the limit. TTC, who educates thousands of motorists each year, is also the UK's largest provider of courses for convicted drink drivers.

The workshops give motorists the chance to re-learn speed reduction skills in exchange for a payment of £60 as opposed to a fine and penalty points on their licence.

The workshops will initially only be offered from cases detected by the safety camera network on the roads and motorways in the region, however this will be reviewed.

The workshops are being run in multiple locations in each local authority area throughout the West Midlands on weekdays and weekends.

However, workshops are also available in some other areas of the UK, these locations can be viewed on or by contacting TTC on 0845 2704363.

To attend a workshop, clients must meet the following criteria:

  • Clients must have a driving licence. This includes full or provisional driving licences issued in any country.
  • Clients must not have attended a speed awareness workshop within the last three years or are already waiting to attend one.
  • Clients must be able to pay the £60 tuition fee in full. Payment instructions will be sent once the workshop has been arranged. The £60 is non refundable.
  • Clients must be able to attend a workshop within 120 days of the alleged offence.

If clients choose to accept the course, a fixed penalty will not be offered to them at the time or at any time. If they choose to attend the workshop and then subsequently fail to complete it for any reason, a court summons will be issued against them in relation to the original alleged offence.

If clients choose not to apply for the speed awareness workshop they will then be considered for a conditional offer of fixed penalty.

Lisa Newmarsh, Speed Awareness Project Manager states: "We believe the best way to have a long term impact on driving attitudes and behaviour is through an ongoing programme of education and training. The speed awareness workshops are an informative alternative to prosecution to educate low end speeding offenders to improve their driving skills to prevent re-occurring offences in the future to ultimately reach our main objectives of denying criminals the use of the road and reducing the number of killed and seriously injured collisions on our West Midlands roads whilst enhancing public trust, confidence and reassurance."

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